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Creative Studio

So, why work with us?

There are so many creative agencies out there, and some of them create great stuff! So, why us? We deliver a killer combination of the three elements that every brand needs to stand up and create a sustainable competitive advantage.


Strategy is key

No brand is an island and it connects to the world in so many ways that without strategy, its messages may end up lost in the crowd.


360⁰ Approach

Every detail adds up to make a brand story special and believable. We work on every platform that will deliver that story in the most relevant way.


'Cause we care!

We get our kicks from our clients’ success and growth. We treat their brands as if they were our own and that shows through the outcome of our work.



When you want to built something big, you need strong foundations. Castles on the sand are beautiful but they don’t’ last for long...


  • Brand Strategy

  • Digital Strategy

  • Design / Visual Language

  • Social Campaign Planning

  • Messaging / Voice

  • Guidelines & Toolkits

  • Content Development 



The best plan can lead to unimpressive results if it doesn’t get implemented in a clever and dynamic way, that can be measured and adjusted.


  • Corporate Identity

  • Website Design

  • UI / UX Design

  • eCommerce / Retail

  • Mobile Design

  • Packaging Design

  • Retail / Env. Design 

We empower brands to stand out from the crowd!


Creative Director

Spir.os Drakatos

Design Director

To.nia Avgoustaki

Who is


Historical Museum of Crete

TUV Austria Hellas

Blue Lagoon Group

Akzo Nobel

Minerva Marine


Moria Elea

Selected Clients

Let's make some fire together!

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